Poetry on the Move Festival 2021


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October 10-31

October 10-13  - Melinda Smith, Workshop: Finding Poems in the Archive 

October 15 - Desmond Kon, Workshop: Epistolary Form

October 16 - Harry Laing, Workshop: 
Comic AND Poetic!
                                                                                          Writing and Performing Comic Poetry

October 16 - Borderless International Poetry Anthology Reading
                                      Presented in partnership with Australian Poetry via the Cultural Fund

October 17 - LitBalm International Reading (livestream)

October 18 - Owen Bullock, Workshop: 
Haiku Journey, 2021

October 23 - Jeanie Thompson, Workshop: Persona Poems

October 24 & 31 - Paul Munden,
 Workshop: Authorised Theft

October 29 - Kimberly K. Williams, Workshop:  What Is That Thing?
                                                                                                 Playing with
 Hybrid  Forms of Poetry

October 30 - James E. Cherry, Workshop:  The Poetry of History:
                                                                           An Intersection of Fact and Free Verse

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