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The Symposium
       22nd September, 10am to 4pm, at the Gorman Arts Centre
Zoom link:

No registration is required, and entry is free! Click here for a schedule of the day!

Poetry on the Move acknowledges that 22nd of September is a national holiday to observe the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.
However, because many presenters and participants are coming from out of town, the Symposium and opening Thursday night event will proceed as planned.
This symposium will take up what has been a lively discussion about archives and counter-memories situated in opposition to official histories. This was sparked by Michel Foucault, who explores ways in which the archive ‘collects the dust of statements that have become inert’ and, importantly, ‘may make possible the miracle of their resurrection’ (Archaeology, 129). Such resurrection involves viewing the archive as a space that not only legitimates authorised memories but also contains bodies of fact, commentary, evidence and inference that, when re-engaged, enable the production of counter-memories. Scholars often apply this representation to political movements working for change; however, as Foucault points out, the archive is very much a part of creative practice—for example, Flaubert and Manet are artists who practice ‘their art within the archive’; the material of both the archive and art ‘remains indefinitely open’ (Language Counter-Memory, 92); and journals—written by poets and writers such as Dorothy Wordsworth—are a form of creative and archival practice that continues to inspire discussions about women and poetry. Presentations will explore the contemporary relationship between creative thinking, creative practice, poetry and the archive.
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