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Reader Submissions

Well-Known Corners of the People

Blue books

Anne Elvey

The light from the lamp on the waiting book

shines boldly. Blue is the cover of her writing book.

On the table by the window is a sewing nook.

She opens the curtains to Earth’s breathing book.

There’s a shovel in the hands of a mining crook

Who takes coal for the pages of the stealing book.

A low shelf holds music, go and take a look.

There are tissues on top of her reading book.

Come into the garden and return what you took

Says a woman who holds out the wailing book.

She puts compassion in the oven to slowly cook.

Its aroma fills the sheets of a sighing book.

A farmer cuts the smoke with a scything hook.

Prosperity clears the air, claims the lying book.

I know who you are, says the dying book.

Your name is pressed into the leaves of this burning book.

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