Reader Submissions

Well-Known Corners of the People


Neva Kastelic

His sister stands at a window

She watches a familiar scene 


She’s in her seaside town. Her home

A yacht, a street emptied of people


Surely houses still stand nearby

their reflection reassures me


Where is a passer-by? 

A kid, the neighbour.  Any one?


1000 times familiar sights

Melt from peace into unease


Behind her, an empty room

bare floorboards, a painter’s easel


Soon her brother will enter

He will load his paintbrush blue


Mustachioed and masked 

He will approach her


He will remove one window pane

He will unhinge her familiar


Then step back one metre. 


(for Salvador Dali’s ‘Girl at a Window’ 1925, a print on my bedroom wall)