Reader Submissions

Well-Known Corners of the People

Poem for R and C

Olga Walker

Rounded edges, penciled drawings,

flowers, portrayed in ink so blue

it mesmerizes.

The white card, thick and textured 

sighs with whispered promises

and rippling sensations, to treasure.

The date is set, the dream

arranged. Hurdles, once unknown

are now milestones, and so familiar

that their edges and well known corners

show the traces of her fingers caress, and 

the entrancing dance within her sighs.

Friends and family advise and guide

her path, where remnants of their own

dreams fall softly, like pink rose petals.

Patience retreats into well

hidden fissures, comfort won’t 

cut through today

as news is spread about

the latest Covid alarm.

Reaper, of yet to be revealed aspirations. 

The once familiar becomes unknown

again, the card, once embroidered

with her dreams lies shredded on the ground.

Postponed! The fourth word on 

emails flowing into loved ones Inboxes.

Dreams, like leaves carried away in gushing steams.