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Founded in 2015, the Poetry on the Move is a fully curated festival run by the International Poetry Studies Institute at the University of Canberra. IPSI’s objectives are to promote poetry as a globally valuable art form through the engagement with international, national and local poetry communities. 


The fifth Poetry on the Move festival— Small Leaps, Giant Steps —playfully appropriates Neil Armstrong’s historic utterance as a way of suggesting the festival’s theme this year: exploring how contemporary poetry uses or harnesses knowledge of various kinds, and what kind of knowledge, what kind of seeking, poetry might engage with. 


The festival will run from the 17th – 21st October at various locations in Canberra, including our festival hub and festival partner Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centre, our evening readings venue Smith’s Alternative, The National Portrait Gallery and the Canberra Museum and Gallery, where we’ll be holding our poetry symposium.


Our festival draws people to Canberra from across Australia and the world as well as supporting our local poetry community. This reflects the increasing importance of Canberra as a centre for poetry nationally and, we hope, internationally. We look forward to seeing you at the festival and sharing your passion for poetry.

Shane Strange

Director, Poetry on the Move 2019

Shane Strange

Planning and Support

Katie Hayne

Head of IPSI, University of Canberra

Paul Hetherington

Director CCCR, University of Canberra

Tracy Ireland

IPSI chapbooks

Editor, Paul Munden

Design and layout, Caren Florance


Maddy Piggott

Festival Photographer

Kendall Kirkwood

Content Support

Zoe Yapp

Jerzy Beaumont


Alex Henderson

Moog Blyth

Charlotte Anderson

Jane Healey

Jerzy Beaumont

Zoe Yapp

Cat Cotsell

Gemma Nethercote Way

Eliza Bird

Donna Hanson

Work Integrated Learning Program

Ryan Cantrill, Jamie Jugovac, Maddy Piggott, Ronaldo Ronaldo, Ke Bi, Saskia Hapsari, Chistopher Shelley, Lauren Giancomin.

Many thanks to

The office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor , Research and Innovation, University of Canberra, for funding and supporting the festival.

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The University of Canberra acknowledges the Ngunnawal people, traditional custodians of the lands where Bruce Campus is situated. 

We wish to acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and contribution they make to the life of Canberra and the region.

We also acknowledge all other First Nations Peoples on whose land we gather.