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A word from our director

Founded in 2015, the University of Canberra's Poetry on the Move is a fully curated festival - run by the International Poetry Studies Institute as a major initiative of the Centre for Creative and Cultural Research, Faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Canberra. IPSI’s objectives are to promote poetry as a globally valuable art form through the engagement with international, national and local poetry communities. 

During what has been an extraordinary and challenging year, many people have increasingly turned to poetry: for solace and comfort, for a reminder of lasting values, and to find a sense of community among those who treasure poetry as much as we do at the Poetry on the Move festival.

One of the remarkable innovations in this era of social distancing has been to see the ways in which the global poetry community has utilised the online environment to keep poetry ‘alive’. This has spawned a number of projects and connections across the globe, not only responding to our contemporary moment but reminding us that poetry ‘speaks’ eloquently when it is needed.

This year's event will be run 'slowly' over five months during the second half of 2020 and will offer the opportunity for poetry fans from across Australia and across the globe to participate in and enjoy our program.

All that's left to do is quietly hit the 'go' button, ask that you keep up to date with our events by joining our mailing list and invite you to be a guest of the festival by returning to this website regularly over the next five months.

Shane Strange

Festival Director

Poetry on the Move

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Director, Poetry on the Move

Samuel Byrnand

Editorial, Content Production, and Website

Shane Strange & Samuel Byrnand

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Katie Hayne

Director CCCR, University of Canberra

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IPSI Steering Committee

Paul Hetherington

Jen Webb

Katie Hayne

Owen Bullock

Jen Crawford

Many thanks to

The office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation, University of Canberra, for funding and supporting the festival

Special thanks to Shane Strange, who was the initial director for the 2020 Poetry on the Move festival and to the people who have volunteered time, effort, and ideas to the benefit of the festival

Paul Munden

Caren Florence

Mira Walker

Kendall Kirkwood

The team @Smith's Alternative

Every one of our wonderful public who have submitted poems, navigated the website, and reached out via social media