Reader Submissions

Well-Known Corners of the People

COVID Northcote

Edward Caruso


Lone cyclist wheelieing

     along the pass

Sunflower and pomegranate trees

     yellow rose bushes

The joys of deserted walkways

          and bird calls on High Street


All Nations Park

     A man and woman

          intimate conversation

               two metres apart

Their greyhounds touch noses

     owners sharing their dogs’ leanness


Book Grocer assistant

     The recent fires feel like years ago

She won’t take cash

      imminent closure

finality of never seeing each other



Northcote Plaza

Keeping away from those

     who get too close

Menacing eyes

     if I can’t avoid getting close


Conrad Clark     painter and friend

     I can’t enter his room

          He talks of elderly COVID victims

               found dead

                    in their apartments in Italy

Looks forward to the day

     we can talk

          When all this is over

His venetians down

     a goodbye

precedes my closing his door

     firmly behind