Reader Submissions

Well-Known Corners of the People

A waiting hibiscus

Kashiana Singh

Growing blush against a barren

Brick wall, a complete, cohesive

Flower if one ever was wrought

Pebbles drinking her flush color

Aglow a hope in her receptacles

Pistils praying, sepals radiate an

Effervescence in constellations

Anthers stick out as reminders

Eagerly waiting for light to fall

Pouring burgundy into the dark

A sky ablaze in her humble gaze

She waits, as we wait, as they wait

Maybe, windows will throw open

Again, and her austere presence is,

Will still be there to see, slouching

Squirming we will all emerge again

Again, with each other we will walk

The world, as a hibiscus will let her

Petals bloom, their radiance till then

Will whisper in place, growing blush

In blood against a barren brick wall