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Reader Submissions

Well-Known Corners of the People


Ranjitha Krishna

In the midst of the chaos

And a fleeting glimpse

I was left an emotional wreck,

With my heart permanently scarred

Tears staining my bright red cheeks,

I didn’t know Loneliness would be this hard

I used to be full of happiness

That beautiful girl truly shined

But now I have closed off the entire world

And smiles impossible to find

I miss the warmth of our worlds

And have succumbed to sleepless slumber

Oh, how much, I crave the touch of our loved ones

With tears hidden deep under

Even my dreams have recast into nightmares

My eyes are withered with no more tears to impart

The blights on my face might heal

But those on my chest will slowly rot away my heart

Bright skies form into clouds of rain,

My glowing smile transforms into a tear

I’m hoping and praying; will you save me?

So, the end won’t seem this near

I seem to have disappeared, from the hearts I’ve once known,

I sank into a crushing despond

Staring outside while I continued to pry

I know where my freedom now lies

Deep inside the untrodden sky

A plea for help seems so futile

As our cries have gone unheard

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