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Reader Submissions

Well-Known Corners of the People

Scattered Stars

Van Su Yun

Have you ever seen the Esplanade Waterfront in twilight?

Have you seen the lights on the water?

The stars, they say, were plucked from the skies,

Scattered on the land, around a quivering mirror.

If you go and see,

Look across, look closer –

Two of the shimmering lights among the glitter

Might just be a pair of eyes

Scanning the black water

For a glimpse of that spark that was once my spirit.

Knowing I would sink

Didn’t make me sink slower;

Knowing I would drown

Couldn’t help hold my breath longer;

And so my spirit sank,

And so it drowned,

Diving just for the chance to almost touch

The reflection of scattered stars.

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