Reader Submissions

Well-Known Corners of the People

Window Sill

Veronica Cassiane

School is in

message pours from leaking veins

the ink contained by

white plastic cylinder with loose-fitting lid

School is in

message written on leaves and petals

soon to be uprooted

disdain authorised in ink contained by

long clear cylinder - with tight-fitting lid

School is in

message held by shaking hands

beaten into submission

by the airs and graces of an unjust law

passed into being through ink contained by

fake-gold cylinder - no lid

This hand learnt in school

the price of justice, coercion -

undignified goodbyes -

The only slate in sight, mere windowsill

the only ink, permanent

The bell has's out

The limits of learning reached

Housekeeping 101:

How to pick up after them

one demolished brick

at a time